How Can We Cure Aging?

“There will be a last billion humans to die of aging before it becomes optional. I am dedicating my life to having the highest chance my friends, family, and I are not in that pool.” – Jack Jay


For those who are already convinced and self-motivated that curing aging is a goal to strive for above all other goals, skip this paragraph.

If you are not so convinced or require a high dopamine rush to consume a form of media then I compel you to least finish this paragraph before making that decision.

In life, we choose to battle our evolutionary self or so-called monkey-brain who simply enjoys forms of instant gratification above all else.

If you have ever pushed yourself for an extended period of time for something that was worth it in the end, you understand that that feeling is not like the standard short-term gratification high. It is a feeling of fulfillment for having made the right choices for yourself to exist in a better state than it did before. This feeling of course, even when it comes from a long-winded sprint, the completion of a diet, or a prestigious award, while sustained longer than most, still has an end.

The fight in our lifetime, of curing aging, can be seen as the greatest battle of delayed gratification that possibly exists in any man or woman’s life. The greatest jog to be made, with a finish line unknown, but if passed contains more reward of life than a person has ever dreamed of. A possible feeling of gratification and achievement that has no reason to ever end, leaving one with eternal gratitude towards one’s self and our ability to have persevered even when the completion of the said task had no guarantee. 

Thus, the quest for the philosopher’s stone has been realized in this modern time. Our fight for survival has gone from the strength and speed of our tribe in garnishing enough food, to a fight of the wit of our minds, making conscious decisions that enlist us to live in a reality that is better off because of the actions we took and opinions we shared.

Since the dawn of man, the fight for beating natures path of death our DNA host has subscribed us too has been incontestable. Only now are we approaching the point of having the technology and understanding required to put the grim reaper on hold?

It’s really quite convenient actually because, in life, everything is relative. If everything started with perfection, not only would there be nothing to do, but we would have no sense of fulfillment for having made it that way. Could one really be born into that heaven, or could it be just like a man born into limitless wealth, it’s better that he/she earns it. 

“It is better to make millions than to inherit or marry into them. Those who earned their wealth reported significantly greater happiness than those who primarily inherited or married into it. -

 If you were born immortal, with no fear of death, could you learn to love life? Or would being handed all the time in the world from the get go ruin how grand that truly was? 

Humans of the future may not have the ability to earn their own immortality. However, once we have an AGI (artificial general intelligence) that can create worlds like our own. Maybe we will raise them in a world in which they have to fear their death. Just as we currently send our children to boarding school for 2% of their lives. If we lived 10,000 years then 2% of our life would be 200 years and existence like we are experiencing now could be just like a boarding school of perspective. This is called the Galactic Preschool Theory

Ok…. How? 

 Nothing in physics holds back the possibility of a limitless extension of life, it is just a matter of science catching up.

The anti-aging human study on metformin has won the FDA approval , it will help put Aging on FDA’s agenda, and that again would mean that Big Pharma will soon be putting big funding into this.

George Church says he is still on track to try out reversing aging in humans within 5-6 years

There are also lots of other companies looking into this, like Calico, Human Longevity Inc, BioViva, Buck Institute, SENS, Sierra Sciences etc.

Maybe curing aging will be completed without your intervention. In this case some may feel as if its not worth intervening, our prior point about enjoying what was earned should come to mind in rebuttal. Others may think it’s impossible for the task to be completed before they die but if not completed in time for your life, one year earlier means the difference between over 30 million others’ lives to have the opportunity to continue to exist in this universe, that’s how many people die a year from bodily malfunctions (genetic disease, organ failure, etc). To put that into perspective that is the equivalent of over ten thousand 9/11 attacks in deaths, or over 20 coronaviruses.  In my mind, one devoted and smart-minded person can decrease the overall time to completion by multiple years. However, even if their actions bring humanity one day closer to completion, the effect is 82,191 lives with the potential for saving. If even one hour is moved forward on the clock of completion for the cure more people have the chance for extended life than the amount who died from 9/11. But how can you specifically move that forward?

“There are not many experts among the decisionmakers in the grant system who can assess the breakthrough projects aimed at the hallmarks of aging and truly understand their potential.

This is why these kinds of projects have less support from the government than the mainstream studies of a single disease, such as Alzheimer’s or cancer… we know this for a fact, because the researchers of aging are actually complaining about this barrier. Without appreciation from the government and support from business, the field of aging research can only rely on one funding source: the general public.

Solution: Crowdfunding”-

Crowdfunding may be one method to help the task. The main problem I have with the methodology (and every longevity company for that matter) is the lack of outreach. You see, I found this website after years of being interested in this field. With myself putting so much information out in the world, and interacting with every single piece of media that possibly talks about extending human life, I am still yet to have been touched by a single ad related to the field.

This is how Persistism will operate until most people on the planet have had a chance to interact with the idea. Information is truly like magic, casting a spell really is just saying a series of words. Just like the words on this page, casting a spell on you in giving you a new perspective, a new take on the world and whats worth fighting for. We are spreading propaganda to wage the world to go to war. A war fought not against one another, but one that unites us. War on the treachery and suffering of the human condition. You may not agree with us, you may have doubts and worries (and you can find a rebuttal to the most common doubts and worries here) but this is where the future is headed. To give the children born with genetic diseases, where they suffer their entire lives only to die before they are eighteen, a chance at a normal life.

The current population is 7.8 billion (approx)

There are multiple ways to advertise from magazines to the internet. I would be assuming an internet advertisement as they are cheapest and flexible.

Only 55% (53.6% in 2019, added in growth factor for 2020) of the world population has access to the internet, in total.

I would be using CPM (cost per mile /1000 individuals; not to be confused with CPC) for Facebook. To get an accurate cost we will have to go over every countries advertisement costs and their % of the population that can be reached on the internet instead of multiplying that 55% (users) with avg CPM.

I wrote some code to calculate it for every country, here’s the output data in Google Excel

The estimated total cost to reach every internet user (55% of the world) is around 500k.

To break even on the investment we will calculate based on what percent of people decide to devote their lives to the cause. “According to the most recent Census data, the average person earns nearly $2.7 million over his or her lifetime.” -

Coupled with the fact that philosophy of life (religions) are passed down very effectively in the family setting. We will hold the 2.7m value per each person fully converted to the idea. Given the fully-aware people will have a long-term value of spreading the idea themselves. Lets say we go to a room of 10,000 people and after showing all of our evidence behind this idea just 1 person agrees. By accessing 55% of 7.8 billion people, and 1 in 10,000 of them converting to this ideology. We would effectively create 1.2 trillion dollars of wealth behind the movement. Already, many sources of media are picking up on the field and people are becoming more aware of the possibility. The lack of these videos and other organizations such as transhumanism is a true call to action of the people who become aware of the possibility. The definition of transhumanism is

Where in relation, Persistism can be defined as

1. the belief or theory that your life should be spent making sure humanity can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

“According to a report from Research and Markets, the global anti-aging market will be worth a staggering US$79.5 billion by 2024, up from US$50.2 billion in 2018; it is seen growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7.98 percent during the forecast period.” -

Once ideas in humanity grow and reach critical mass, massive societal shifts occur. I for one look forward to a future in which death is viewed as the greatest disease to defeat. I fully believe living a life in pursuit of this conquest reaching its end being the best life to live. And for drinking poison and acting like a monkey in a club to be viewed as exactly that. Everyone stands to live a life that they believe their actions to be the most pragmatic, of course we fail and falter to do so and the true correct path can never be known.

The culture of the world has never been more primed for this change. The effective rates of information sharing (spellcasting) have never been greater. The butterfly effect of information spread went from the speed of horse/boat to the speed of light in the past century. Especially since 2008 with the indoctrination of the first iPhone. If you think of every human as a neuron of the collective brain of earth. We recently went from a non-functioning brain to a hyper-connected one. Even radio only allowed some neurons to reach many others, but inter and cross-communication still lacked.

This opens a doorway to media to paint a new purpose, light, and hope mongering to completely change the course of reality. Information as we know it is truly a spell, in changing the actions of a person based on its contents, and media is a way that these spells can enchant the entire world. Our butterfly now travels at the speed of lights, sings, dances, projects 2D images, video, and speaks in any langugage. Now that is a powerful butterfly worth sending out into the world.

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